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AGC’s first-ever video series,Grain Chain Connectionshighlights some of the many collaborations among AGC members across grain chain roles, from farmer, to processor, to end user.

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We are a network of farmers, millers, maltsters, bakers, chefs, food manufacturers, brewers, distillers, researchers, and advocates working together to promote a regenerative grainshed in the Midwest.

What We Do

We facilitate a network to create and strengthen relationships along the grain supply chain throughout our region. We connect farmers, processors, makers, and advocates, develop resources, and build awareness of regional grains.

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Why We Do It

We believe a resilient Midwest grainshed can grow food while stewarding land and nurturing communities. When local farmers, food businesses, support organizations, and eaters work together, they can create food security, healthy water and soil, and strong connections between rural and urban places.

In contrast, the dominant system of corn and soy agriculture in the Midwest limits these possibilities, constricting markets for farmers, reducing biodiversity, and exporting agricultural products away from where they are grown.

Diverse grains provide new market opportunities for farmers and food businesses. In turn, this creates greater food and beverage choices for consumers and a wider range of crops on our landscapes.

Our Regional Grain Chain

The People Moving Grain From Seed to Table in the Midwestern Grainshed

Choosing Seeds

Researchers, scientist, and farmers work in concert to breed flavorful, nutritious, and hardy crop varieties.

Choosing Seeds

Researchers, farmers, and grain chain partners work in concert to breed flavorful, nutritious, and hardy crop varieties.

Stewarding Crops
And Soil

Regional farmers grow, tend, and harvest while
building fertile soils
and healthier ecosystems.

Preparing Grains

Skilled people clean, dry, dehull, mill, flake, malt grain and upcycle spent grain.

Making Food
And Drink

Food makers, bakers, cooks, brewers and distillers craft nourishing foods
and beverages with
diverse grains.

Growing The

Educators and advocates support the grain chain and share information about the social, environmental, and economic benefits of diverse agriculture.


You are part of the Grain Chain when you eat, drink, and share foods, beverages, and stories featuring regional grains. Cheers!

Collaborations Happen All Along the Grain Chain

Farmers, Scientists,
and Makers

identify and develop staple crop varieties that work well for farms, food, and drink.

Bakers and Millers

collaborate to offer a variety of grains and flavors in baked goods reflecting the bounty of the Midwest.

Farmers, Makers, Researchers,
Advocates, and Eaters

meet at farms, mills, malthouses, and bakeries for field days to learn and strengthen relationships.

Advocates and Consumers

are connected and important to the people who grow and make their food. Their support helps cultivate food systems change.

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Illustration: Amy Sparks - A Visual Spark

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