Regional Grain Map

This map depicts Artisan Grain Collaborative members—farms, businesses, organizations, and individuals strengthening our grain value chain across the Midwest.

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The map and member list are segmented into 10 categories: farmers, millers, maltsters, bakers, brewers, distillers, organizations, researchers, advocates, and food businesses, which includes restaurants, tortilla makers, grocery co-ops, and food manufacturers. Follow the contact links to engage, find grains, and learn more. Farms and businesses identified as retailers sell grain directly to consumers, whether through a physical location or via online sales.

Green and red circles indicate multiple pins. Click inside the business cards at left to expand and read additional details. Use the value chain role buttons to filter your search, or, using the brown toolbar, filter a search by location, business type, products, or certifications.  At the far right of the brown toolbar, three buttons allow you to toggle between view options.  For questions about how to use the map, contact us.


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Millers, Maltsters, and Cleaners


Brewers and Distillers

Food Businesses


Advocates and Organizations