Getting to Know the Grain Chain

February 21, 2023

How many newsletters do you read from AGC members? Check this list for a hint at what you might be missing! Photo: Winter barley from Linda Halley, Gwenyn Hill Farm

Everything bagels from Muddy Fork Farm & Bakery, Bloomington, IN

As an organization made up of many farms, businesses, and other organizations, AGC endeavors to deliver news from our members to you, dear fans of regional grains and readers of The Crumb. However, our members are also articulating their thoughts elsewhere.

Maybe you already follow your favorite AGC entities on social media, and to be sure, many have really interesting and important updates to share there. Maybe you’ve delved into their websites, where many are delivering detailed information on their work and how they collaborate across the grain chain. We recently decided to take notes on how many AGC members send out regular communiques, and the number was impressive! At the time we checked, 96 of our members are taking time to share their success stories, challenges, and musings through newsletters and blogs; we decided to share the list in case you’d like to receive more good, grainy correspondence. Word is that there are coupon codes and other incentives offered from time to time. See which ones you've been missing, and subscribe to one or two of them, or twenty! 

But don’t limit your exploration to the list below – this is only half of our membership. Be sure to poke around on our member map, and see if there are others you weren't aware of. Perhaps it will guide you to some previously undiscovered flours or other grainy gifts!

A-Frame Farm

Albert Lea Seed

ALT Brew

Bean harvest, Askegaard Organic Farm, Moorhead, MN

Baker's Field Flour & Bread

Bang Brewing

Ben Penner Farms

Beth Dooley's Kitchen

Big Green

Black Oaks Center

Blue House

Bozzi Co/Milling / CAPITAL MILLING

Brake Bread

Bread & Justice


Bread Pick-up Station from Bread & Justice, Madison, WI

Cahokia Rice

Challenger Breadware LLC

Cleveland Whiskey

Common Harvest Farm

Cow Creek Farm

Craft Maltsters Guild

Dorothy Lane Market

Doubting Thomas Farms

Dovetail Partners

Dual Citizen Brewing Co.

Elawa Farm Foundation

Engrained Brewing Company

Family Farmed

Far North Spirits

Floriole Cafe & Bakery

Gourmet Gorilla

Granor Farm

Gwenyn Hill Farm

Bang Brewing production and taproom, St. Paul, MN

Hazzard Free Farm



Illinois Country Harvest

Illinois Stewardship Alliance

Iowa Food Hub

Janie's Mill

Jonny Bakes

Judson & Moore Distillery

Kellogg Biological Station 

Lakewinds Food Co-op

Laune Bread

Lil Bucks

Loafers Bread Bakery

Long Table Pancakes

Lost Larson

Dressing the millstone, Marion Milling, Kansas City, MO (photo by Zach Bauman)

Mad Agriculture (Mad Ag)


Marion Milling

Meadowlark Organics

Michael Fields Agricultural Institute

Michigan Agriculture Advancement

Michigan State University - Upper Peninsula Research and Extension Center

middlebrow brewing

Miller Bagel

Molino Tortilleria

Mud Run Farm Organics

Muddy Fork Farm & Bakery

Doubting Thomas Farms, Moorhead, MN

Nectar Bakery


Odyssey Farm

Ohio Till Farmstead

Organic Seed Alliance

Perennial Pantry

Petal & Moon Pastry

Planted Cuisine

Practical Farmers of Iowa

Publican Quality Breads

Purdue Extension

REAP Food Group

Renewing the Countryside

Rustic Brew Farm

Scoring sourdough loaves, Hewn, Evanston, IL

Sauce and Bread Kitchen

Scorched Earth Brewing Co.

Seven Sundays

Silver Tree Beer & Spirits

Soil Sisters

State Line Distillery

Stephen's Artisanal Breads

Sustainable Farming Association of Minnesota

Sway Brewing + Blending

Tecumseh Bread & Pastry

Tenera Grains | Teffola 

The Land Connection

The Land Institute

Stills at State Line Distillery, Madison, WI

UMN Forever Green Initiative

UMN Regional Sustainable Dev. Partnerships

University of Illinois Food Science Pilot Processing Plant

UW-Madison Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems

UW-Madison Cereals Breeding and Quantitative Genetics Lab

UW-Madison Organic Grain Resource and Information Network (OGRAIN)

Verzênay Pâtisserie

Wormfarm Institute

Zingerman's Bakehouse

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